Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chubby Cuppy Cake Boy

Remember that awkward stage as a kid when you have all that babyfat and you have those HUGE chubby cheeks and rolls of fat for a stomach? WELL...THIS KID IS IN THAT STAGE!! And he just so happens to be absolutely adorable!! =D OMG check out his eyebrows at the end of the video lmao it's hilarious!

In My Place

The schoolday today went really well, that hardly ever happens on wednesdays. The reason I hate wednesdays is because I have ever single class, and in almost every class, homework will be assigned and due the next day. Anyways, after school I was dropped off at Joe's house and he was waiting for me on his porch like he always does when he knows I'm almost there. I just think that that is the sweetest thing :-) That he's really that excited to see me. Well, anyways, we got inside and watched my favorite TV show, the Ghost Whisperer. We talked some and kissed on and off, but his mom walked in on us kissing one time. So we stopped for awhile and continued to kiss some more later. We had dinner at his house and then went to his church for the afternoon. The weather had started to get pretty bad, it started to sleet and then rain, and then snow. So church was only half as long as it usually is. I went with Joe to his Bible Study class. After hearing a cute little moral story about this dog, his pastor asked us what brings us joy in our lives and I said that Joe brings me joy. He gives me companionship and company, support when I need it, and love, hope. Joe said that I bring him joy as well because he felt like there was something missing in his life, and when I came into his life, that missing something was found. After church was over, we went back outside through the snow to get to the car. On the way to my house, I started to shiver so he held me close to keep me warm. He whispered the sweetest things in my ear on the way home. When we got to my house, he gave me a kiss and walked me to the door and then left. A few hours ago we were texting and he told me there was something he needed to tell me. Whenever he says those words...I always panic. I also panic when he says theres something I need or want to ask you. I don't know, all of those words just make me so nervous sometimes. Well this time, apparently his mom talked to him on the way back to his house in the car about seeing us kiss earlier today. She gave him advice for us to take things slowly and not rush anything because it could ruin the relationship. agree with what she said, it COULD ruin the relationship. And taking things too quickly has ruined MANY other relationships. But I don't think she understands that this is our relationship, we could work it out. We could work anything out together. But he agrees with her more than I do (although I didn't tell him I fully agreed 100%). I love him...I love him more than anything, Joe IS everything to me. I don't know what I'd ever do without him. A life without Joe isn't worth living at all. So...I told him that I understand, and that we can take our physical relationship together as slow as he wants. The only thing is, he can't figure out how slow we should go. I would help him figure it out, but I'm not entirely the one who wants to take what we do slowly. I don't feel like it's ruining out relationship at all. I don't feel like it's become a necessity either but it definitely hasn't ruined our relationship in the slightest. In my opinion the way I look at him, the way I feel and see him is my way of showing him how much I love him. No, I am not going to have sex with Joe until we are married. We both agreed on that but he still doesn't know how far we should go. So I am going to let him figure it out this time, because if it were up to me..we'd still be doing the things we usually do together. I'm going to miss doing I said it's truly my way of showing my feelings...I'm afraid that by lack of expressing myself, I might lose him. Although he swears that I never will.


"A public library is the most enduring of memorials, the trustiest monument for the preservation of an event or a name or an affection; for it, and it only, is respected by wars and revolutions, and survives them" - Mark Twain

I absolutely love libraries. By all means, I could live in one. The only thing I would need with me there besides all of the books, is Joseph. I hate how people are insistent upon the new electronic book, "the kindle". It completely takes away the feel of holding a book in your hands and hearing the pages turn, the smell of a new book, or the comforting musty smell of an old book. When you're reading a big book, you feel a sense of accomplishment when you turn to the final page and finish reading it. Then you take one final look at the book you just read and think to yourself "wow that was an incredible book". I just don't understand this new "necessity" people are finding themselves compelled to buy. Its merelly a fad, books should not be replaced by yet even MORE electronics. Doctors have been saying for years that people of our day will get eye cancer during middle-age due to all of our electronic usage.

Ok so I used a bit of a different layout this time for my blog. (Quote, words and pictures or a video) Comment and let me know if you like this new layout! I love hearing what you guys have to say!

Every Little Kid Should Get a Hamster =)

Every little kid (who isn't afraid of them) should get a hamster when they're mature enough for one. I had two, and until today I believed that. Apparently my first hamster was replaced without my knowing of it so as to not have my feelings hurt. Well, today my little sister got her first hamster for her tenth birthday gift. It's what she's been asking for for months! She named him Hammy. He's named after the little squirl from over the hedge. He's so cute! He's been up all day though so he might not get up tonight to explore, but I somehow doubt that. Haha ok have fun watching this video! I think I'm going to write some more a little later tonight again.

Unexpected Movie Date

Hello to all you bloggers out there! I hope you guys are doing alright. I'm doing pretty good. I went birthday shopping for my little sister today with my mom, and we stopped by the movies to see "Red Riding Hood." It was a really good movie, I liked it. I read the book before I saw the movie, Hollywood definitly changed it around a lot. The ending was completely different from the book. I won't say how it was different, I don't want to ruin this movie for those of you who have yet to see it. Well guess who showed up at the mall when I went to see the movie :) Joe! Haha, he stopped by just to surprise me and say hi and i love you. He's so sweet, the best boyfriend ever. I really couldn't ever ask for anyone better. And even if there is someone better, I don't want them, because I love him for him, with his flaws and with his perfections. Anyways, it's late :) and I have school tomorrow. I'll try to write tomorrow. Goodnight all you sexy people!

For the First Time

Heyyy everyone! It's been awhile since I've been able to blog lately. I've been...preoccupied. I guess boyfriends will do that to you! Haha, anyways, I'd love to hear how all of you are doing. Give me some feedback and leave me some comments! Anywho, this song reminds me of Joe so much, I emailed him today and told him to listen to it, I said that if and when we ever get into a bad fight, that this is how we'd be. I told him that if I'm wrong, I will admit that I was wrong, and no matter what I'll make up with him. I'm just not sure if he were to ever cheat... idk if I could actually forgive that or even trust him again after he did something like that. It would be too much to handle, I'd still love him but I'd be heartbroken. I'm glad that we've promised each other that we'll never do that to each other. Ok, so here's the music video :) hope you like it as much as I did! It made me cry.

Skii Date

I just got back home from skiing with Joe about an hour and a half ago. It was sooo much fun! Today was my first day EVER on a pair of skiis and he taught me how :-)
It was so special and nice, he watched out for me to make sure I wouldn't get hurt. I only fell once, and he was right by my side to make sure I was ok. We ran into a friend of our's from school and got talking to him a little. Apparently he was at the skii resort for snowboarding.
Joe has been skiing for three years now. He's really good! He definitely knows what he's doing, I was very impressed by his mad skills. Apparently, I did really good, according to him! Since I ice skate, balancing on the skiis wasn't that hard. Maneuvering back and forth and stopping wasn't that hard either once I got the hang of it and remembered how to do all of the different positions. He started me off on the bunny slope which the little kids didn't even go on, they completely skipped that one and just went to the next highest slope. After I got used to that one, we went on the second to lowest slope, and then the third.
After awhile, we both got extremely cold and decided to go inside and warm up. He brought food and drinks for us since the food sold at the skii resort is extremely out of both of our price ranges. We stayed in for an hour and a half before my dad had to pick me up. The whole time we just laughed and kissed and talked and held each other close to stay warm. I had an incredible time with him :-) I always do. I was sad to see it end, the time always flys by so quickly when I'm with him. I miss him so much when we're apart. This weekend, he's supposed to come over on Saturday and just chill with me and my family like we did a few weeks ago. The sad thing is, I am going to Gatlinburg Tennessee from Sat-Thurs for spring break. So this weekend will be the last time I get to see him before I leave for TN. Well, besides seeing him at school before he has baseball practice this Monday. That, I think, will be the last official day I'll see him before I leave. It will be torture being apart this long. We haven't missed a weekend date together since we started dating, besides when he went to Gatlinburg with his church a few weeks ago. But, he still came over the day after he got home (a Monday, President's Day). Maybe I'll bring him back something special just for him from TN. I think he'd like that a lot.
Tomorrow I'm leaving school early to go get my hair done. I need my highlights redone. I think that I am going to get a little bit of red mixed in with my natural, brunette color, and blonde. That way my hair will look a little choppy. I may even get it layered. Although, that makes it hard to pull my hair up for when I go skating. I'm not sure, we'll have to see how things go tomorrow. I love talking about Joe. I wish I could just tell the whole world how much I love and care about him. I can't wait to talk to my hairstylist, Jesse and tell her about him. She's been asking me for years if I have a boyfriend, and it isn't until now that I finally do!
I've been having computer problems lately, so I hope I'll be able to blog again tomorrow! No guaruntees! Sorry! I'll try my best! Have a good rest of the night you guys! Thanks for reading =D